What is IGSO?

The IGSO is the International Geodetic Student Organization. Its aim is to unite geodesy students from all over the world. At present, 92 universities and schools from 34 countries belong to the IGSO. The list of members can be found here. The IGSO was founded in 1991 at the IGSM in Graz, Austria. The aims of the IGSO, membership regulations, financial regulations and much more is recorded in the statutes of the IGSO. The main issue of the IGSO is to organize the IGSM (International Geodetic Student Meeting).


What is the IGSM?

The IGSM is the International Geodetic Student Meeting, an annual meeting of geodesy students. The goal of this meeting is to set up contacts between geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry and geoinformatic students world wide. Furthermore, the IGSM is a platform to present the cultural and professional characteristics of the host city to an international geodetic community. Each year, the IGSM takes place at one of the IGSO member's university.

What is the IGSA?

The IGSA is the International Geodetic Student Agency. The IGSA is one of the institutions of the IGSO. The IGSA consists of the general secretary, the treasurer and the actuary. Three persons of the hosting university of the upcoming year's IGSM are announced and elected at the general assembly at the IGSM of the previous year . The task of the IGSA is to lead the organization of the upcoming IGSM, to perform all administrative work which has to be done during the year in order to fulfill decisions made by the previous general assembly and to organize the next general assembly.

Previous and upcoming meetings

1988 Delft, the Netherlands
1989 Bonn, Germany
1990 Budapest, Hungary
1991 Graz, Austria
1992 London, United Kingdom
1993 Prague, Czech Republic
1994 Bochum-Essen, Germany
1995 Warsaw, Poland
1996 Hannover, Germany
1997 Delft, the Netherlands
1998 Madrid, Spain
1999 Valencia, Spain
2000 Le Mans/Paris, France
2001 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
2002 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2003 Dresden, Germany
2004 Espoo, Finland
2005 Istanbul, Turkey
2006 Cracow, Poland
2007 Sofia, Bulgaria
2008 Valencia, Spain
2009 Zurich, Switzerland
2010 Zagreb, Croatia
2011 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
2012 Jaén, Spain
2013 Wroclaw, Poland
2014 Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Espoo, Finland
2016 Munich, Germany
2017 Zagreb, Croatia


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