Preliminary presentations programm

Sunday, May 1st, 11:00 – 11:20:

Naz Altay, Polytecnic University of Milan, Italy: IGSM participations in 10 years [Abstract]


Tuesday, May 3rd, 9:30 – 13:00:

Martina Hulanova, Exact, Czech Republic: Exact Street [Abstract]

Marko Mraovic, Milica Probojčić, University of Novi Sad, Serbia: Urbanization effect on land surface temperature, a case study of Novi Sad, Serbia [Abstract]

Dragana Tosic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia: Applications of the free Sentinel satellite data [Abstract]

Damian Biel, AGH University Of Science And Technology Krakau, Poland: Application of GIS tools to the optimalisation of Pszczyna - Cracow route [Abstract]

Michal Med, Czech Technical University In Prague, Czech Republic: The importance of metadata in discovering spatial data sets [Abstract]


Wednesday, May 4th, 9:00 – 12:30:

Jovan Kovačević, University of Belgrade, Serbia: Possibilities of applying DAVID SLS-2 system for generating a 3D model of a human face [Abstract]

Arnost Muller, Czech Technical University In Prague, Czech Republic: Land Consolidation in the Czech Republic [Abstract]

Miloš Pandžić, University of Belgrade, Serbia: Assessment of the Geometric Quality of Sentinel-2 data [Abstract]

Rouhollah Nasirzadehdizaji, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey: Web-GIS and Anatomy of a web-mapping application [Abstract]

Florian Thiery, i3mainz - Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology, Germany: Linked Open Data in Space and Time – A geodetic insight into humanities research using LOD [Abstract]

Nikola Jankovic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia: Application of modern Geodetic methods during the construction of highrise buildings [Abstract]

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