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Program Overview

TimeSat. 30.04.Sun. 01.05.Mon. 02.05.Tue. 03.05.Wed. 04.05.Thu. 05.05.Fri. 06.05.
Day ExcursionProfessional Session 1
Session 2

Sightseeing / Free time
AfternoonOpening Ceremony
Hors d'Oeuvres
Day ExcursionCultural Program
General Assembly
NightWelcome PartyInternational EveningDay ExcursionEvening ProgramEvening ProgramClosing Dinner

Program Details


The Registration will take place on April 30th. After arriving in Munich by train, car or plane we will guide you from the different points of arrival to the hostel. There the chick-in will take place.
You will need your personal QR code, which you received in the confirmation mail. By entering your participant ID and key (also included in the confirmation mail) you can check your QR code here. Please prepare it for the check-in so we can offer you a fast and smooth arrival.
Furthermore you will get your public transport ticket and the bill for your participation fee.

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Opening Ceremony

We welcome all students and seniors to the IGSM 2016 in Munich at the opening ceremony. The organization team will introduce itself and professors and particular sponsors will give a short welcome speech.
You will also get important information about the meeting.

The ceremony will take place in the Audimax of the TUM and will begin at 16:00 pm.

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Welcome Party

The Welcome Party will be right after the Opening Ceremony. We will guide you from the first to the second location.

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Time: May 1st, 9.30 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
On Sunday, we present you exciting lectures of different fields of Geodesy. First of all, there will be the presentations of our platin sponsors Zoller&Fröhlich and Autodesk. After that, Dr. Ing. Günther Zülsdorf will present some facts on “Land Administration” and Naz Altay talks about her analysis of the participation in the IGSM over the last 10 years. Finally, there will also be two brief presentations by our Sponsor nFrames and Jamie Donovan.

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Professional Session 1

At Tuesday, May 4th, between 9:45 a.m. and 13:00 p.m. we will offer you several highly interesting lectures.
Here you can look up the timetable of these lectures. Also the enrolment procedure will be explained under this link.
In respect to the lecturers we friendly ask you to attend the series of lectures.

This session will be public for Geodesy students of the TUM.

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Professional Session 2

Time: May 4th, 9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
This professional session will take place in the LDBV – the Bavarian State Office for Surveying and Geoinformation. First of all the President of the LDBV Dr. Aringer will give you an overview of the institution and the possibilities of a further education within the Bavarian state. Afterwards you will hear the student presentations of: Jovan Kovačević, Arnost Muller, Miloš Pandžić, Rouhollah Nasirzadehdizaji, Florian Thiery and Nikola Jankovic.

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Poster Session

The poster session will be on Sunday, May 1st, in the Audimax at the university's main campus. You can read through 20 different posters and afterwards there will be a written vote about your favorite poster. The winner will be announced at the general assembly and get a special price by the sponsors.
Here you can have a look at the different topics: posters.
Furthermore, some sponsors present their companies and work at the session. You can talk to them and inform yourself about whatever you want to know about them. Don't hesitate to ask.

This session will be public for Geodesy students of the TUM.

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International Evening

The International Evening will take place in the Theresianum on Sunday evening right after the poster session.
All participating countries can represent their culture by providing typical food and drinks.
There will also be a Bavarian surprise for you!

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Day Excursion

We are going to visit a beautifull place in nature, where you will have a fast ride. It will be a combination of action and Bavarian coziness and tradition.
Let yourself be surprised!
Don't forget your weatherproof clothing and shoes for hiking. You also need your IGSM shirt and a flashlight.

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Cultural Program

Become acquainted with the capital of Bavaria by visiting some of Munich's most famous and beautiful places and spots within the scope of a game.
The tour starts in groups at the canteen of the university.
Don't forget appropriate clothing and your ticket for busses and trains.

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Evening Program

We will show you the typical nightlife of Munich at Tuesday and Wednesday evening. One time we are going to visit a dancing club, the other time a pub in the inner city. We are looking forward to have a great time there to round off the day.

Geodesy students of the TUM are also very welcome to attend to the partys.

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Time: May 4th, 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.
In the traditional IGSM Olympics the participants will challenge themselves in different disciplines.

  • In case of good and dry weather, we will have a football and a beach volleyball tournament. We booked one pitch and the beach field at the ZHS (central University sport) of the TUM, which is close to the hostel
  • In case of rain, we will prepare a geodetic rally
The best teams will be honored with prices!

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Sightseeing / Free time

After Breakfast there will be two possibilities to spend time until the General Assembly will start at 12 o'clock at University.

  • 10 - 12 o'clock: You have the chance to take part at a professional sightseeing tour in Munich. There will be place for 100 persons (4 groups, 25 each). We will put up an announcement at the Hostel, where you can register yourself (first come – first served). The Tour will start in the center of the city – they will bring you to University afterwards.
  • The Second possibility is free time. You can spend the time hanging out or go to the City on your own. Just be back in time for the General Assembly.

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General Assembly

In the IGSO General Assembly decisions about the IGSO and IGSM will be made. Important topics are the participation fee and the country where the IGSM will be held in two years. Moreover the transitions between the organizers and the financial statements will be presented.
It will take place in the Audimax of the TUM on Thursday, May 5th, 12:00 o'clock.

General Assembly Agenda

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Closing Dinner

Traditionally, the gala dinner takes place to finish the week with an enjoyable and fantastic evening. Don't forget your black tie clothing! We will take a group photo before the diner and the location itself will be a special 'Schmankerl'.

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On Friday, May 6th, the IGSM 2016 in Munich will end. You must have left your rooms in the hostel at the least at 10 am!

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