Due to the high costs of living in Munich, our organization team is facing huge financial challenges. In order to be able to organize the IGSM 2016 with an appropriate program and in a similar or higher quality compared to previous meetings, we are appreciating your support.

For the first time in 13 years, you will be enabled to present your name and your work to the next generation of geodesy experts. You will have the chance to explain your projects and your products in order to arouse interest of students of various geodetic areas and to cooperate with them in the future. Furthermore, representatives of all sponsors will be invited to the opening ceremony and to the welcome reception. Thus, you will have the unique opportunity to get in touch with colleagues from Universities, research facilities and from the industry in conjunction with motivated students.

We are looking forward to any support, for which you can in turn benefit from our substantial rewards. The detailed information can be found in the sponsoring information.

Do you have any idea for additional cooperation with the IGSM 2016? Do you have questions on our sponsoring concept [deutsch / english]? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Have a look at all our sponsors who support the IGSM 2016.